Oughtism by Faduma Mohammed.jpg


Written & Performed by Faduma Mohammed

Dramaturged & Directed by d’bi.young anitafrika

Oughtism, follows the life of Tariq, a nonverbal autistic savant. The play explores the hardships families endure, especially living with autism while poor; with particular emphasis on how siblings of autism experience embarrassment, frustration and hopelessness. The play reinforces the belief that everyone deserves to experience love in all of its forms. Tariq falls for his neurotypical neighbour, Reign, and they slowly develop a romantic relationship. Oughtism challenges the scientific pursuit to find a cure for autism. John White is the spokesperson for Golden Mind, an innovative biotechnological centre which is focused on aiding parents choose their child's traits. Golden Mind presents to the public a prenatal cure for autism. When Leah, Reign's sister starts working at Golden Mind, Reign considers undergoing the autism-extermination procedure. Ultimately, Oughtism urges audiences to question their own humanity. 

Faduma Mohamed is a spoken word poet and storyteller who started writing at the age of eight and performing at the age of thirteen. She attended the University of Toronto where she studied English and Women and Gender Studies. In 2014, she completed her internship as a writer with Urbanology Magazine. She is currently one of the organizers of R.I.S.E Edutainment and is developing her one woman play “Oughtism” at Watah Theatre. Above all, she’s an advocate for autism and believes in the power of dreams.