'd’bi. is a phenomenon, one of those human dynamos that leave the rest of us with jaw hanging in rapt amazement. A veritable volcano of artistic activity, The result is a feast for the ears – rhythms from Africa, Jamaica, and Cuba, segue into North American traditions of folk, blues, jazz, funk, punk and beyond. Every poem-song is an education in a world that is still being born – a world as inevitable as sunrise…It’s a world we’re all going to see, and soon.'

- Vincent Tinguely, Music Critic

D’bi. & The 333 is an Afro-Dub-Fusion band headlined by the dancehall-queen-daughter-of-dub-poetry-womxnist-warrior D’bi Young Anitafrika. Internationally acclaimed, Anitafrika possesses a lyricism that stems from early Jamaican dub fused with dancehall reggae, hiphop, punk rock, afro-beat and performance art; producing a pepperpot of theatricality that crosses cultural boundaries, reconfigures social norms and inspires change. Founded by Sudanese master musician and composer Waleed Abdulhamid, The 333 features Abdulhamid on bass, Sarah Thawer on drums, Joseph Callender on horns, Patrick O'Reilly on guitar, Najla Nubyanluv on support vocals and D’bi Young Anitafrika on lead vocals. Together, D'bi. & The 333 are the new protest music that you can Dance, Sing, Grow, Act and Love to.