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Anitafrika Method Method Masterclass by D'bi Young Anitafrika @ the Edmonton Fringe

  • Edmonton Fringe Edmonton, Alberta Canada (map)

D’bi Young Anitafrika runs a two day Masterclass in the Anitafrika Method

The Anitafrika Method Masterclass by D’bi Young Anitafrika

Are You an Artist, Instigator, Educator, and or Change-Maker?  

What is the relationship between personal growth, arts practice and human development?

What does it mean to self-recover?

How do we self-care in order to better care for the collective?

How do we nurture trust in our own bodies in order to foster trust in our groups?

Do we consciously and unconsciously project our ideological world views through the art we produce?

How do we self-critique in order to offer a balanced critique of each other?

How do we self-actualise in order to effectively collectivise?

How do we create art from a social-justice informed lens?

How does the framework of Integrity influence the art we create?

How do we develop an art practice that is grounded in personal integrity?

The Anitafrika Method is a critical-creative autoethnographic praxis inspired by the foundational work of Dub poets Anita Stewart and ahdri zhina mandiela. Developed by D’bi Young Anitafrika, the method emerged from Jamaica’s socio-political Dub culture (music, poetry and theatre); informed by decolonial queer Black feminisms, intersectionality, pan-Africanisms and Black diaspora spiritualities. The method is a critical pedagogical approach to performance training, creative devising and self-development that provides the practitioner — particularly those who identify as Womxn and BIQTPOC (Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, People of Colour) — with tools to navigate the entanglement of gender, race, class, sexuality and ability; thereby enabling a reflexive social justice framework in art making. The acronym S.P.O.L.R.U.S.I.E represents the method's nine foundational principles of Self-knowledge, Politics, Orality, Language, Rhythm, Urgency, Sacredness, Integrity and Experience balanced by nine bodies: Beyond Body, Spiritual, Mental, Community, Emotional, Economic, Creative, Physical and Earth Body. Workshop exercises comprise of physicalising, vocalising, writing, dialoguing, meditating, reflecting, critically analysing and devising. Over the course of the workshop practitioners reflect upon their own lived experience, as a catalyst to creating new work, using the Anitafrika Method as guide.

Join us as we explore these questions and more this two-day Anitafrika Method Intensive. To prepare for this workshop please consider the following questions: Who Am I? How am I? What is my Purpose? Come prepared to go on a personal journey of self-reflection and self-recovery. Come with a notebook and a writing tool. Dress comfortably. Anitafrika Method Card Decks will be available (50% reduced price) for purchase, however they are not mandatory for workshop participation.