The Ibeji Trilogy

D'bi Young Anitafrika was recently offered a three-year publishing deal with Playwrights Canada Press to publish The Sankofa Trilogy featuring the plays Blood.Claat, Benu, and Word! Sound! Powah!, The Orisha Trilogy featuring the plays Esu Crossing The Middle Passage, Mami Wata & The PussyWitch Hunt and Lukumi: A Dub Opera and The Ibeyi Trilogy featuring three two-hander plays. The first play Yagayah, co-written with Naila Keleta Mae, tells the story of two Jamaican friends who are separated when one move to Canada and the other remains in Jamaica. The second play Androgyne, which was recently published, tells the story of two friends from Jamaica who both move to Canada and find themselves renegotiating their friendship as a romance blossoms between them. And the final play Once Upon a Black Boy is the story of a mother and son who are both facing life challenges propelling them closer, as they find truth in each other.