THE ORISHA TRILOGY, D’bi Young Anitafrika’s second triptych featuring of plays, takes us on a journey across the past, present, and future while reinterpreting the triangular journey of Black folks, voyaging from Africa to the Caribbean to North America under the influence and protection of The Orishas.

FOUR NNNN!!!! NOW MAGAZINE + CRITIC'S PICK | DORA NOMINATED - BEST SOUND Esu Crossing The Middle Passage, set aboard a slave ship,  follows a womxn’s journey into the Trans­ Atlantic slave trade embodied by the spirit of Esu – the trickster God of Ifa, who sits at the crossroads. Esu Crossing the Middle Passage is a pepperpot of theatricality, a story told through otherworldly movement, poetry, and sound.

FOUR NNNN!!!! NOW MAGAZINE + CRITIC'S PICK | DORA WINNER - BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE and Dora nominated for Best New Play, She Mami Wata & The PussyWitch Hunt centres on gender, sexuality, and the erotic through the life of four friends – Niki, Michael, Kizzy and Everdon – growing up in present­-day Jamaica, who are challenged to re­negotiate their complex relationship under revised ‘anti­buggery’ laws. Raised in the violence and silence of misogyny and homophobia, Niki lives on the margins of church, the burlesque­ pole and womxn’s thighs. As the play unfolds we learn that Niki is not the only one living on clouds and in shadows. Mami Wata is Anitafrika’s continued exploration of divinity, activism, the erotic and the Black diaspora through the Yoruba ­Ifa Orishas: Ochun (river goddxss of childbirth and erotic love), Yemoja (mother goddxss of the sea), and Oya (goddxss who defends and protects womxn).

NOW MAGAZINE AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD!!!! SUMMERWORKS BEST PRODUCTION HONORABLE MENTION LUKUMI: A Dub Opera (formerly titled Bleeders) is the culminating play in d’bi.young anitafrika’s Orisha Trilogy. An afro­futuristic dub­opera set in a post­apocalyptic Toronto some years after the explosion of the Pickering Nuclear plant which causes wide­spread infertility in humans; Lukumi centres on gender and the environment. Lukumi: A Dub Opera Tarragon production was directed by Eugene Williams, Choreographed by L’Antoinette Stines, musically directed & co-composed by Waleed Abdulhamid, set & costume by Rachel Forbes, Lighting by Michelle Ramsay, stage manager Kathleen Jones, Producer Brett Hayes, produced by Watah Theatre. This production received two Dora nominations for Best Female Performance (musical) d’bi.young anitafrika and Best Choreography (musical) L’Antoinette Stines.