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D'bi.Young Anitafrika Fundraises for Postgraduate Studies at Goldsmiths University of London

Hello From D'bi.Young Anitafrika
Good evening my dear family, friends and the villages that have raised me
I hope you are happy, healthy and inspired
It's been a long time communicating with you
25 years infact since I moved from the garrison town of Maxfield Avenue Kingston 13 to Toronto Canada at 15 years old
and you have played such a crucial part
in who I have grown to be
and in who I am still still becoming

Over the 25 years I have created poetry, theatre, and educational arts programs
to challenge the absence of training spaces for Black, queer and POC artists
As a student of Toronto's Fresh Arts Program
I have truly been raised by entire villages of people and you know who you are
And I have used my talents, skills, accolades, finances and public attention
to pour energy directly back into my communities
this is what I was taught to do as a responsible human being
and I love doing it :)

You have supported me through it all; infact none of it would have been possible without your support. You supported my first ambitious project, Anitafrika Dub Theatre where I taught tuition-free year-long professional theatre residencies to artists such as Amanda Parris, Kim Katrin Milan, Liza Paul and Bahia Watson, among others; volunteering my time to create and run the space.

You Village(s) have supported my most recent ambitious project, The Watah Theatre which has trained scores of artists through its tuition-free and subsidised arts programs as well supporting artists such as Anique Jashoba Jordan, Babette B Burrell, Najla Nubyanluv, Tuku and Raven Dauda, volunteering to nurture this necessary institution.

And you dear Village have supported my international initiative - the Yemoya International Artist Residency where I have mentored artists such as Che Kothari, Randell Adjei, Anthony Gebrehiwot, Titilope Sonuga, Mriga Kapadiya, Ngozi Paul and Machel Montano, to name a few.

So many have benefitted from the support you have provided me with, dear Village. So many have grown through the Anitafrika Method
and now I am coming to you directly to help me, an artist, to grow.

I am a playwright-performer, director-dramaturge and emerging scholar
as well as a sole-parent mother of two Black boys and I dream of returning to school to study Feminist Black Performance and Generational Trauma in the Black Body.

I have created an autoethnograhic praxis called the Anitafrika Method
which I have taught globally ( which I will be theorising at Goldsmiths, University of London
in order to create new educational practices around self-actualization,
creativity and leadership from a feminist, de-colonialist lens.

Could you help me?
Feminist scholarship and Black queer feminist scholarship are crucial and incredibly under-funded and under-supported. But through your support I have raised more than 2/3rds of what I need. Please help to raise the remaining $23, 000. 

Overall Goal $$75,000 Canadian Dollars
and I have $52, ooo already raised
Can you PLEASE HELP ME by Donating $50 (or more if you have it and would like to share it) to my funding campaign?

1.if you are able to contribute please do
2.if you are able to spread the word please do by sharing the funding page
3.if you able to connect me with any Black and or feminsit group or any
others who may be interested in supporting me please do
4.if you have or know of any events coming up who may want to book a queer
Black, feminist poet-speaker, please pass on my email

my funding campaign is: <>
My website and books are available at:
My theatre company is:

I have written very clearly what my goals and objectives are on the campaign page and I welcome any questions you may have about what I am doing

thank you for taking the time to listen
I deeply appreciate it
looking forward to hearing from you

in solidarity