Hello, my name is d'bi.young anitafrika. For the past decade I have been diligently crafting a framework, a praxis, a method, an approach to artistic training & human development that is grounded in integrity, intersectionality, feminism, love & the awareness of the complexities of oppression & how we proliferate it. Hundreds of artists & people globally, have co-created the growth of the Anitafrika Method by participating in my National & International Artist Residencies through ongoing workshops at the Anitafrika Dub Theatre followed by Yemoya, followed by The Watah School & Theatre & now the Anitafrika Retreat Centre. The world has been my lab. The feedback I have received from these artists & change-makers is that the method works as not only a tool for social change but also as a new Integrity-Based model for artistic training & development. As I reflect on the choices I made over a decade ago to preserve my own artistic integrity & to embark on a sacred journey of finding myself which resulted in finding the Anitafrika Method, I thank the ancestors for their ever-present guidance. I hope that as we find our way through the fog of the present moment, we will embrace new systems of artistic training & development that rupture old systems of oppression. - d'bi.young anitafrika

Current & Upcoming Interests